Sunday, December 20, 2009

our winter wonderland...

...just a few images for those who didn't see them already (pardon the repeats for those who have). We got a little weather in Asheville, just in time for the solstice and it's possible we'll get some next week too! Part of me would really love it if I didn't have kilns to fire, unload, etc. right now, so I could just enjoy the snow and be still. And while it made me sad to not make it into the gallery on Friday, hopefully we'll be there next week for those frantic last minute shoppers!

It has been good fun, not to mention good exercise, to trod out into the snow covered streets, lawns, sidewalks to go between home and two studios to load, fire and unload kilns. It's been beautiful to see, a bit treacherous to navigate on the side streets, but much to the credit of the city of Asheville and its people, the main roads were cleared rather quickly and for the most part a good number of people have just stayed put.

And while I did have to get out to load, fire and unload kilns (unloaded one yesterday, firing another today, just helped load and firing another again today), it's been a much more relaxed pace. And in the many treks between home and studios, I've been able to really enjoy the quiet that comes with snow, the insulated feel the air has and the creativity of many neighbors in both how they try to make themselves mobile and how they occupy their time in staying in place. Wish I had my camera for a couple of those sculptures, but you'll just have to take my word on it! Here are a few images from the snowing thus far:

snow hitting the trees when it was still pretty...
many branches are starting to fall from the weight now

who says flowers don't bloom in winter?
metal sculpture by my studio neighbor Mimi Strang,
enjoying a blanket of snow

freddie, the crazy green snowman
he's had a bumpy existence but
is still darned happy to be here!

And for those who have been following Lissa's post-surgical recovery:

not so much snow angel as
diving snow bomb...

happier dog? I don't think so!

...and happy me too!

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